Glasgow Airport Consultation – Airspace Change Proposal & Noise Action

We received the following regarding a consultation on Airspace Change and Noise Action:



Glasgow Airport Launches Airspace Change Proposal & Noise Action Plan Consultations

In December, we wrote to you to let you know about our Airspace Change Proposal and Noise Action Plan consultations.  I am pleased to confirm that these are now both live and your views are critical to ensuring that we take decisions that reflect the views of communities and stakeholders.

The Airspace Change Proposal forms part of an industry-wide drive, the Future Airspace Strategy, mandated by our regulator – the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) – to create airspace infrastructure fit for the 21st century. A key element of the strategy involves the removal of selected ground- based navigation aids across the UK and a move to procedures predicated on state-of-the-art satellite navigation systems by the end of the decade. Our air traffic control provider, NATS, has informed us that the ground-based navigation aid used at Glasgow Airport will be withdrawn in 2019 meaning we are required to modernise our approach and departure procedures.

We are keen to stress that we will only make changes to the approach or departure flight paths once we have considered the views of all those who respond. We will then present those views to the CAA before the necessary approval can be granted to implement these new procedures which will minimise the amount of time planes queue, both in the air and on the ground, and reduce fuel and CO2 emissions by 21%.

We are fully committed to growing the airport responsibly and modernising our airspace will help us achieve that. It is important that our communities and stakeholders are fully involved in this modernisation process and we would encourage people to participate.

We are also required to publish an updated noise action plan every five years and will be undertaking a parallel 13-week consultation on a draft plan. The noise action plan sets out proposed measures to manage and mitigate the impact of aviation-related noise.

We would therefore be grateful if you could take some time to share your views as part of these consultations which launched on Monday 15th January 2018 and run to Friday 13th April 2018.

Full details can be accessed at our dedicated websites. For the Airspace Consultation please and for our Noise Action Plan Consultation

In addition, you can contact us at or for further information.

Mark Johnston
Operations Director
Glasgow Airport