Airspace Change Information

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What’s happening?

Glasgow Airport are retiring the navigational beacons that direct aircraft along their current departure routes, as part of an EU-wide modernisation plan. They need to rebuild the departure routes so that aircraft can fly along them using GPS. As the routes were designed in the 1960s, they have decided to change them at the same time, to better suit the performance of modern aircraft and desired routes of airlines.

What will the effect be on the village?

The proposed main southerly departure route will fly directly over Uplawmoor. On most days, this will result in an aircraft flying over the village every six minutes between 6am and 7am, every eight minutes between 4pm and 6pm, and about every 15 minutes at other times. The last flight would be roughly midnight. The worst case would see aircraft at 2500ft, with a noise on the ground like being near a large lorry travelling at 50mph. This is much louder than the aircraft and helicopters that currently fly over the village. Many people believe it would destroy the quiet atmosphere of Uplawmoor.

What can I do?

You have until Friday 13 April 2018 to provide your feedback to the airport:

Please also let our MSP Tom Arthur know you object to the plans, as he intends to raise this in Parliament. You could also speak to our PM Paul Masterton, the CAA direct, and our local councillors.

What should I say?

You could say that:
• The noise levels would reduce your quality of life, reduce the value of your house, and destroy the character of the village. People and businesses move to Uplawmoor because of its peace and quiet.
• The airport has made the most efficient route possible, at the expense of the village. A small change to avoid the village would result in a dramatic improvement for everyone who lives here.
• The very low background noise in the village makes any increase in noise levels much more noticeable.
• The concentration of all air traffic in a narrow route above Uplawmoor unnecessarily and unfairly penalises a small number of people.
• You feel we have had very little time to respond to these plans, and the airport did not do enough to make the village aware of the harm the proposals would cause.
• The airport has said that they have prepared plans that avoid Uplawmoor, and you believe that they should.

Please remember to respond by Friday 13 April 2018.
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