Community Councillors

Rob Williams – Chairperson

Hi, I’m Rob, and I’ve been chair of the community council since April 2018. We’ve lived in the village since 2016, and with three young children hope to be here for many years to come! I’ve a particular interest in community matters affecting young people, and sustainable transport (walking and cycling in particular).

Ross Leggat – Secretary

I’m Ross, and I’ve held the position of Secretary since 2017, before that I was Treasurer for 1 year. I originally joined the Community Council to develop the website and social media facilities (and continuing to run these). After a few months of coming along, I found all the projects tackled interesting and wanted to try and represent the younger generation in Uplawmoor & East Renfrewshire.

Charlotte Gordon – Treasurer

Charles Brindley

I am Charles Brindley, retired for some years from pharmaceutical sales, and I have been involved in a variety of organisations over the years.
I have been on, and involved with, the Community Council for most of my 30 years in Uplawmoor and retain a keen interest in village affairs.

Kyle Gordon

Hi, I’m Kyle, and I’ve been on the community council since around February 2018. My wife (Charlotte) and I live up on Fereneze Road just beyond Shilford, so could be considered rural to the village! We moved here in January 2017, and hope to continue enjoying the quiet countryside life for many decades to come. I have a particular interest in using technology to bring together communities, and also to enable better feedback to public services.