Road Closure at Shilford

One of the roads at Shilford will be closed – see the notice of closure from ERC below.

Works are programmed to commence Monday 7th Sept 2015 to improve Shillford Mill Road – the edges will be reconstructed and the surface renewed. This is necessary to allow the No. 395/396 bus to travel along it and access the south end of Uplawmoor via Lochlibo Road. SPT have registered the change to the service with the Traffic Commissioner and it is scheduled to begin on Monday 19th October 2015. Thereafter, the bus will not run up and down Tannoch Road but will travel north eastwards (towards Neilston) through the entire village, i.e. there will no longer be a requirement for the bus to turn in front of Uplawmoor Primary School.

An additional stop will be introduced on Neilston Road, a short distance north of Neukfoot Lane, prior to the new route coming into use.

In conclusion, the pending change will bring about the following benefits –

  1. i) No more turning outside the school
  2. ii) The south end of the village will be served by the bus

iii)                 Shillford will be served by the bus

Download a PDF of this notice here.

TTRO Silford Road