Update re: The Glen

The Glen


At our AGM last April several members of the public raised concerns about the Glen. These concerns included the felling of trees, the state of the fence along sections of the path, fallen tree trunks and debris at or near the burn.
A visit to the glen was arranged between ourselves, one of our councillors and the ERC arborist responsible for the glen. He explained that after the last storm it had been necessary to cut down several trees which had been damaged, were in an unstable condition or were diseased. He went to some length to emphasise that cutting down trees is expensive and ERC do not have the funds to fell trees unnecessarily.
In order to remove debris from the burn heavy equipment had to be employed. Tree trunks were winched from the burn and surrounding slope up near the path where they were left for locals to cut and remove for fuel.
Sections of the fence were taken down in order to carry out this work.
Anyone visiting the Glen now will see that the burn has been cleared, most of the tree trunks have been cut up and removed and the fence has been repaired.
As a result of some of the older and larger trees being removed light is now getting in and there are saplings growing in many places in the Glen. These saplings will eventually replace the older trees and in order to assist their growth, we were advised by the arborist that they should be thinned out to a distance of approximately 2 metres (6.5 feet).
He also advised that it is wise to keep an eye on the rhododendrons growing in the Glen as they are very invasive and may at some point require controlling.
We have spoken to the Development Trust with a view to carrying out this work under their umbrella, making use of their recent experience in organising work parties for improvements in the Glen and other areas.
Gordon Steel
Chairman Uplawmoor Community Council