Issue 2 – Managing and Enabling Growth :

Uplawmoor Community Council as a statutory consultee wishes to record our agreement with the retained ‘open space’ classification designated to the site known as ‘Uplawmoor West’ bounded by the wooded glen to the south and by the rear of properties on Tannoch Road to the north.

Owned by Mactaggart and Mickel who plan 25 houses on this site, we consider that their 39 houses nearing completion at Mure Park (Uplawmoor East) have adequately catered for demand in this village and have substantially increased a local population which had in the past changed slowly and was well integrated. We also understand the house types proposed for Uplawmoor West are similar to those built in Uplawmoor East with no provision of single storey properties to accommodate older people seeking to downsize and freeing family housing.

Local residents have already contended with construction noise and traffic for the past 2 – 3 years and the impact on villagers’ lives should not be underestimated.

We would point out that formation of a new junction providing access to any development of this site could prove problematic and should comply in every respect with Roads Department standards.

We also have concerns that Mactaggart and Mickel’s proposals may involve demolition of the substantial stone villa in their ownership (Glenpark, Neilston Road). This is a significant building important to the character of the village streetscape and its removal would be contentious.

Within the site there will be an area of root growth from the protected trees in the glen. The network of feeding roots for trees reaches one third beyond the canopy and in any eventuality these should be outwith any construction activity or structure.

We look forward to receiving acknowledgement of this representation.

Gordon Steel : Chair : Uplawmoor Community Council

60 Neilston Road

Uplawmoor G78 4AF

email :

5 th February 2017