Lights on 2018

Unfortunately, we’ve just been told that this year that East Renfrewshire Council are looking to charge the village £460 for the tree. As a small Community Council we can’t afford that, particularly moving into the year where we expect the fight with Glasgow Airport to start again.

Therefore, we’re going to make the best of a bad situation. We’ve approached Mclaren’s Nursery to try and arrange the tree, and we’re looking for your help in funding it. To try and get some festive spirit back into the whole event, we’re also asking if you could dig a little deeper, because everything we raise above the cost of the tree will be going to the Trussell Trust food bank in Barrhead.

Please give what you can spare, and let’s ensure we have a great night for the lights’ switch on (12th December!) as well as helping some others who will be really struggling this winter.


Christmas 2018 Poster PNG