Glasgow Airport Update – July 2019

A number of people have contacted us about aircraft flying over the village, particularly in recent months. We asked our contact in Glasgow Airport whether any routes had been changed, and to enquire on the progress of their new airspace change consultation.

We’ve included the two emails in full below, but in summary:

  • There have not been (and legally cannot be without due process) any changes to formal aircraft routes.
  • Looking at the second attempt to alter the routes of the the airport, the first workshops are likely to happen in the next few months, with the formal consultation process in 2020.
  • If you want to talk to the airport about a specific flight you can use the number 0800 013 2429. They also have an online tracking tool (including historical data) here:

To read more about what happened in 2018, please see

Our email to Brian McClean, Group Head of Communications.

Morning Brian,

We get a regular amount of contact from people living around Uplawmoor about overflying aircraft, which we’ve been responding to by saying you’ve not announced any change in your routing and everyone will have a chance to provide input to your revised plans at an early stage under the CAP1616 approach.

However, in the last two months that contact has become much more frequent, with more aircraft coming over at lower heights. I’d be grateful if you could:

  1. Confirm whether any routing changes have been made recently that would affect traffic flying over Uplawmoor.
  2. Provide an update on the CAP1616 process that we can feed back to residents, particularly around likely dates for community engagement.

Thanks for your help.


Uplawmoor Community Council Chair

Reply from Brian McClean

Hi Rob,

Good to hear from you. You’re right to respond by saying there have been no routing changes. We’re not allowed to make any changes without approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and that approval can only be given on completion of an airspace change consultation. We’re currently finalising plans for the new consultation process, the first stage of which will be to seek feedback from local communities on what the airport’s priorities should be when it comes to designing any new routes. To do this, we’ll arrange a number of workshops to which we’ll invite representatives from the communities we engaged with last year, including Uplawmoor.

These workshops will be the first step in an extensive consultation process during which there will be numerous opportunities for people to participate. We hope to host the first set of workshops in the coming months with the actual consultation being carried out in mid to late 2020. A member of the team will be in touch with you once the details have been finalised. In the meantime, we do have a dedicated phone number – 0800 013 2429 – residents can use to share concerns on specific flights. They will be asked to provide the date and time of those flights which will be investigated and responded to by our airfield operations team.

We also have a WebTrak tool on our website which allows people to review aircraft flight paths and decibel levels WebTrak is updated every 15 minutes. I hope this helps answer your questions and I’ll speak to you soon.

Kind regards, Brian