COVID19 Local Support Network

If you are self-isolating at home because you or someone living with you has symptoms of coronavirus, you should ask friends or family to deliver food shopping and any medicines you may need.

You should be wary of scammers. There are no organisations doing door-to-door testing, nor will your bank ask you to transfer money as a result of coronavirus. Please take extra care.

We encourage you to make best use of friends and family for help. However, if you do not have help nearby, the Uplawmoor Community Council, Uplawmoor Development Trust, and Caldwell Parish Church will coordinate requests for help and offers of help as part of a final “safety net”.

That help could be collecting shopping or medicine, asking for information if you cannot get online, or just a phone call for company.

How to request help from the Uplawmoor “safety net”.

Registering yourself as able to provide help to other residents

  • You can do this using an online form here. The first page of the form has more information on who is collecting the information, and how we will store it.
    If you are unable to use that form, please email instead.