Neilston Road, Uplawmoor Resurfacing

On Thursday 25 Feb we spoke with ERC roads team, along with Councillor Convery. We’re pleased to say that some changes have been made to the plan based on feedback (both from us, and from those of you who contacted the ERC roads team direct), and the impact of this work should now be much less.

Key points:

  • This is a complete resurface of the road, rather than patching.
  • The work covers Neilston Road through the entire length of the village.
  • Work starts on Thursday 11 Mar, and will end by Friday 26 Mar (weather permitting).
  • At no point will there be a complete road closure for through-traffic. ERC have changed their plans to work on a single lane at a time, so traffic-light controlled access will be available.
  • Emergency service access will be maintained at all times.

Timings and impacts:

  • Four phases (which relate to the map below)
  • Phase 1: very short bit of work across the entire length to strip areas of tar from the surface of the road. This has to be done separately, as it can’t be recycled.
  • Phase 2: strip and resurface from Lochlibo Rd to the middle of the Tannoch Rd junction.
  • Phase 3: strip and resurface from Tannoch Rd to the middle of Mure Park junction.
  • Phase 4: strip and resurface from Mure Park to the end.
  • Whilst a phase is being worked on, it will be one lane at a time and traffic lights will control traffic on the other lane.
  • Tannoch Rd and Mure Park junctions will not be completely closed in any phase – you’ll still be able to get in and out.
  • Even on the “closed” lane, access at any one point will only be unavailable to normal traffic for a max of three hours (the time to strip the surface, lay the new surface, and for the surface to harden). Emergency service will always be able to get immediate access – they’d redo the surface afterwards.
  • Normal access will be available outside working hours.

What you need to do:

Please don’t park on Neilston Road during the works period if you can possibly avoid it. Mure Hall carpark would be a good spot if you have to put a vehicle somewhere for a short period, and can’t use your drive.

If you’re on Neilston Road:

  • Try and avoid non-essential deliveries whilst your stretch of road is being worked on.
  • If you need vehicle access to your drive during the working day, plan on parking elsewhere, just in case. Worst case is they’ll have just lifted the surface when you’re trying to leave, and you’ll be stuck for three hours.
  • Please remember not to block pavements 😊

Any issues, please let us know, and we’ll work with ERC to try and sort it.